How you can Login LinkedIn Account - Perfect User Guideline

Best user guidelines on how you can Login LinkedIn account. Login two-step enables LinkedIn account at the following steps. Use your LinkedIn multiple accounts

What is LinkedIn Account and How Can I Use It?

LinkedIn is a social media platform on the internet. LinkedIn use to find a large number of post content with images and videos. You will get job posts and internship posts. Professional community to explore topics you are interested in. Also, you can improve the skills that you need to succeed in your career. You will get the option to connect with another user for communication. Now it is very easy to access on a desktop and LinkedIn mobile App with the internet.

Why should use LinkedIn Account?

Are you looking best social media platform? LinkedIn is one of them. These accounts are very useful as a complete portfolio online. Also, it helps to connect with any users by analyzing their unique & professional bio through experience, skills, and education. LinkedIn is also useable to organize online events, join groups, publish articles, and post content with photos, and videos.

LinkedIn using as an online platform for anyone who is looking to advance the features of social media. It is a large community with including several category users from various professional backgrounds, such as small business owners, students, and job seekers. LinkedIn users can use LinkedIn as a network of professionals, companies, and groups.

Best Guideline for Login LinkedIn Account

Use the correct username and password to log in to a LinkedIn account. Before Login into your LinkedIn, you can create an account or buy from INVENTIONPVA

N.B: You must clean your browser and PC  before logging into your LinkedIn account.

Basic requirements to login LinkedIn accounts smoothly

Use unique IP to login a single account. You can use single IP (Socks5, Dichvusocks)(Residential, Cellular, Careers) or VPN (Pure, PIA) to LogIn LinkedIn account ideally. Also, you need to clean your PC with “CCleaner” & “DiskMax” before login into an account. It is necessary to keep your account login smoothly.

How to Clean Your Browser & PC

It is a great idea to clear your browser cache. It contains you from using old forms, Protects your personal information, and helps our applications run better on your computer. It’ll be removed from other devices and your Google Account. You can choose several Cleaners to clean your browser & PC. But we are mostly recommended to use “CCleaner“, “DiskMax“, and “This PC“.


  • Download the “CCleaner” desktop application from online and Install it on your desktop
  • Open the “CCleaner” desktop application
How to Clean Your Browser with CCleaner

Clean function1: “Health Check”

⇒ Click on the Health Check Option (that will see only the updated version of CCleaner)

 On that page Click on the “Start” button to go next process

 Put a Check mark on that browser where you will login to your account. Then Click on the “Close & Analyze” button

 On the next page Click on the “Make it better” button


Clean function2: “Custom Clean”

There have two options

  1. Windows  2. Applications

In Windows option:

» Go to Advanced and uncheck only “Wipe Free Space” 

» Click on the “Run Cleaner” button

» After Completing 100% Click on “Analyze”

In Applications option:

» Click on Application and view all options for the Checkmark on

» Then Click on the “Run Cleaner” button

» After completing 100% Click on  “Analyze” button


Clean function3: “Registry”

 Click on the “Scan for Issues” button

 After completing 100% Click on “Review selected Issues”

 Then it will open a pop-up window automatically. There you will Click on “No” button

 Click on “Fix Issue” or “Fix all selected Issue” button

 After Completing > Issue Fixed then Click on “close” button


  • Download the “DiskMax” desktop application from online and Install it on your desktop
  • Open the “DiskMax” desktop application.
How to Clean Browser by DiskMax

Clean function1: 

 Open DiskMax Application on Desktop

 Click on “System+” and go next option

 Click on “Next” button agin and again

 Uncheck all option on the row which browser you wan’t clean 

 Click on “Next” button again and again

 Click on “Start” button

 After completing clean Click on “Close” button


Clean function2: “ Repeat Clean function1

Clean function3:

 Open DiskMax Application on the Desktop

⇒ Put a Check mark on “Use my saved preferences for this scan”

 Click on “System+” 

 After completing clean Click on “Close” button

“This PC” Clean

  • Put the cursor on “This PC” and right-click on their
  • Then Click on “Event Viewer” to get Windows logs
  • Click on “Windows Logs” to Clean several functions
How to Clean Browser from This PC

Clean Application

 Click on “Application”

 Click on “Clear Log” option

 After Completing progress, will get there a pop-up

 Click on “Clear” button


Clean Security

 Click on “Security”

 Click on “Clear Log” option

 After Completing progress, will get there a pop-up

 Click on “Clear” button


Clean Setup

 Click on “Setup”

 Click on “Clear Log” option

 After Completing progress, will get there a pop-up

 Click on “Clear” button


Clean System

 Click on “System”

 Click on “Clear Log” option

 After Completing progress, will get there a pop-up

 Click on “Clear” button


Clean Forwarded Event

 Click on “Forwarded Event”

 Click on “Clear Log” option

 After Completing progress, will get there a pop-up

⇒ Click on “Clear” button

How to Login LinkedIn Account?

Visit LinkedIn Login Page ””

How you can Login LinkedIn Account
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your password
  • Click “Sign in” button

Note: It’s important to log in to LinkedIn regularly to work on building your network of contacts and to keep your profile updated.

How to LogIn Two-factor Authentication Enable LinkedIn Account?

Add Google Authenticator Extension in Chrome Browser

When you want to login with two-factor authentication Enable LinkedIn accounts in your computer browser, first of all, you have to add an extension “Authenticator” in your chrome browser. So, you have to go google search bar and type “chrome authenticator” and tap to Enter button.

You will see the first result page Authenticator under the chrome site URL or Click on Authenticator to get a Chrome Authenticator Extension. Then add this extension to your chrome browser. So, click on “Add to Chrome

After adding the extension, you have to go extension bar on Chrome browser and Pin on the Authenticator.

Login LinkedIn Account on Chrome browser: Follow Step By Step

Here, describe the next part of Login Two-factor Authentication Enable LinkedIn accounts. Open the sheet were saved your Facebook account login Information, like Email or Phone number, Password, Google Authentication Backup Code, and Profile URL.

Step1: Go to the LinkedIn login page on your Chrome browser

Step2: Enter the Email or Phone Number & Password of your LinkedIn account and Click on the login button.

N.B: It will go to the Two-factor authentication required page and there you have to Enter the 6-digit code (Login Code) that will get from your code generator(Authentication Extension)

Step3: You have to go Extension bar and Click on “Authenticator” then it will open. Again Click on the “PEN SYMBOL” and then “PLUS SYMBOL”. Finally, there will show an option “Manual Entry”. Now click here and get the option “Secret”. Here you have to add an “Authentication Backup Code” from your Sheet and Click on OK. Then they will show you a 6-digit Code. Now you will copy that code very carefully and Click on the “Allow” option.

Step4: Now, “Pest the copying code” to the Two-factor authentication required page (Login Code) box and Click on “Submit”.

How you can manage multiple LinkedIn Accounts?

When you are required to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts, you may know the process. You cannot just log into them simultaneously in the exact browser. Browsers keep several personal and login data, or “cookies” to recognize you in your session. Also, have some specific way to login multiple LinkedIn accounts at the same time.

Login Multiple LinkedIn Accounts at the same time

Several ways to Login bulk accounts that you can apply

  • Use incognito private mode to log into bulk accounts on the same browser.
  • Use various browsers, such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and many others
  • Use the LinkedIn Mobile app 
  • Use several tools to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts

The best tools to manage multiple LinkedIn Accounts

1. Undetectable

Undetectable” is an anti-detect browser designed for easy handling of multi-accounting in social networks.

2. AdsPower

AdsPower” is an antidetect browser for managing multiple accounts with maximum online anonymity protection that prevents your accounts from bans.

3. Incogniton

Incogniton” is an anti-detect browser for multi-account management. Easy-to-use interface.

More Question about LinkedIn Account

You will be able to use LinkedIn accounts without any issue. We recommend selecting a LinkedIn Account package for your immediate needs. You may try buying a few different accounts to check which type is perfect for you.

You can use multiple LinkedIn accounts for your business. You will get to buy LinkedIn bulk accounts from INVENTIONPVA that all are usefull to any purposes.

Yes, You can do that because LinedIn is using to promote your client’s services like marketing. As a marketer, you need a lot of LinkedIn accounts for your own services. LinkedIn marketing is safe and secure for your business.


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