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Buy Yandex Accounts at a Cheap Price. Verified New & Old Yandex Accounts are available in Bulk for Sale. Buy Yandex Email PVA Accounts to get Instant delivery.

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Real, verified and secure Yandex accounts from us. And the Yandex accounts package have at a cheap prices. Also, we take orders to create customized Yandex accounts with specific requirements. Also, if you have any other queries please give in touch with our Supported Contact or Knock Us.

Features of Our Yandex Accounts Service

We are selling best quality Yandex accounts that is our best feature. Unique IP-required Yandex will get from us. Best quality Yandex accounts with strong security at a cheap price. All accounts are verified and instant useable at any purposes. We ensure the best quality Yandex accounts so, our client satisfaction is always high. New and Aged Yandex accounts are available in Bulk for Sale.

Try our Yandex service to get success of your business goal. We provide real accounts with perfect guideline. Let’s get to know more about our services, order any Yandex package that you feel serves your best interest, and you might try our Yandex New or Old accounts that will benefit you the most.

Premium Quality

Buy Yandex Accounts that are best Quality and useable any purposes. Buy from us for personal or business purposes.

Verified Accounts

Buy Yandex Accounts which are verified and safe for use instantly. Recovery Email and Phone verified both accounts you will get from us.

Instant Delivery

Buy Yandex Accounts to get instant delivery. We mostly try to provide delivery within 24 hours that totally depends on order.

Safety Guarantee

We sell only real accounts that are created through a legal process. So, there have no risk to use our Yandex accounts at any purposes.

Regular Reporting

We also, provide regular updates on delivery progress for our clients. So, that our clients easily can track the progress of their order delivery.

Reasonable Pricing

Buy Yandex Accounts at reasonable prices from us. Our verified Bulk Yandex Accounts will get you at cheap prices.

Client Support

Our supported team is 24/7 active to help our clients with any issue at any account. We are capable to solve any critical problem instantly.


Buy Yandex Accounts from INVENTION-PVA. We are able to ensure the quality of those Yandex accounts. We have several categories of Yandex that will get at an offering price. So, You can order any of them to get instant delivery.

New/Fresh Accounts

Buy Yandex Accounts that will be fully fresh. You will get real Yandex from us that are 100% verified and won’t give you any trouble. We manually check our accounts to ensure the best quality.

Old/Aged Accounts

Buy Yandex Accounts that are verified and aged. You will get high-quality Old Yandex Accounts from us that are 100% verified by Email or Phone number. Also, have an extra demand for performance and lifetime useability and many other activities. Several categories of ages like 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or above.

Phone Verified Accounts(PVA)

We sell phone-verified Yandex Accounts. Real phone number we use to verified our Yandex PVA Accounts. These Verified accounts are safe from any required authentication and useable for any purposes. Buy Yandex Accounts from us.

Email Verified Accounts

Buy Yandex Accounts that are mail verified and secure. Here, these defines that our Accounts are verified by using any real Email. These accounts will be real and specific country-wise. You will get recovery mail account attached to the Yandex.

Also, if You need customized Yandex Accounts with specific requirements please contact us on Skype

Buy Yandex Accounts - Real & Quality Email

Yandex is a Russian-based Search-Engine and Web Email service. It has become a favorite platform all over the world for its magnificent features. Yandex Email service is the best choice for Russian people but it also offers nothing less to users around the world. There has a great option to buy Yandex accounts for instant delivery. Also, Yandex can be your one-stop option for search, email, cloud storage, music streaming, communication, and digital marketing. Buy Yandex accounts to make them easy to use. We sell verified real Yandex accounts at a low price. Best quality and lifetime useable for any purpose. Order now our Yandex Email accounts to get instant delivery.

Buy Yandex Accounts

What is Yandex Account?

Yandex is a Russian search engine for mobile applications, Windows OS. In 2011 announced that it will create a new search engine on a new platform. Now it is the top listed search engine with several features. Yandex accounts are used by Russian internet users. It allows its users to use many online services that are offered by Yandex, including search, Email service, cloud storage, music streaming, marketing, and many others. Now Yandex is the most popular search engine all over the world. And you have to Yandex account for any Russian business.

Reasons to use Yandex Email Accounts

There have some important reasons to use Yandex Accounts. So that you can buy Yandex Email to get all features. The most noticeable reason is to communicate and promote your brands. Also, there have several purposes to buy Yandex Accounts. Buy Yandex accounts to make them more easy to use instantly. 

Search Engine

Yandex is a top-quality Search Engine and web portal that we can use anywhere. Also, have extra demand all over the world. It offers internet search and other services like Yandex Email, maps, navigator, news, and many others. 


Yandex gives the best opportunity to communicate with others. Also useable for composing messages as templates. It can be a great deal for those who manage a busy business schedule.

Large Mail Attachments

Yandex Mail is a free Email service under Yandex accounts. These work just like Gmail and googles drive as storage. Normally you can send up to 22MB of data in a single conversation. But you can also share up to 2GB of file links, and disk attachments. 

Easy Email Management

Yandex delivers facilities to manage your emails. Customizable the folders and label them at your convenience. This feature keeps you organized for important emails in times of emergency.

High Security and Spam filter

Very secure site for data transfer. Also, regarding the email services, Yandex scans all the emails that hit your inbox. When a mail is detected as spam, it automatically goes to the spam filter. 

Free Domain for Business

Yandex provides free domains for its users. There have an opportunity to open bulk accounts using the same domain name. Here you can deliver different Gmail accounts having the same domain.

How do Yandex Accounts work for your Business?

Yandex accounts using for business purposes. There have a great opportunity to publish your business site and market them for generating traffic and increasing sales. No, the advertisement is an easier way to create a “business” account to manage your business’s email, contacts, calendar, and many more. 

Yandex Accounts for your Business

Benefits of buying Yandex Accounts

Buy Yandex accounts that will give you access to several online services that can help you grow your business properly. Here have different services like Yandex.Direct use to create and manage online Ad campaigns. Where Yandex.Metrica provides powerful analytics tools to help you measure your website’s performance. Also, the Yandex account can help you reach new customers in Russia and other countries. So, get all these facilities you can buy Yandex accounts from us. Real and verified Yandex accounts will get from us for lifetime use. Also, It can help you rank higher in search results on Yandex. Russian searchers are more likely to trust local results of the Yandex search.  

Why should you buy Yandex USA accounts from Us?

Buy Yandex USA accounts from us for the best performance. New and Old Yandex account have available for sale. Buy these for your business development.  Unique IP and verified Yandex USA accounts have an extra demand for any business purpose. Buy Yandex accounts to make them easy to use instantly.

Buy Verified Yandex Accounts – Yandex Email Accounts

Buy Yandex accounts that are verified by real Email or Phone number. These provide the best performance. If you have verified accounts are useable for increasing online activities. So, to make it easy to use buy verified Yandex accounts from us. Also, these high-quality accounts represent a secure profile for  Mail conversations. Always have an extra demand worldwide to use any purpose. So, buy verified Yandex accounts for professional use. Buy Yandex accounts to make them easy to use instantly.

Email Verified Yandex Accounts

Email verified Yandex Accounts are very secure. Also, no need next time for verification to active use. We used real Email addresses to create and verify Yandex accounts. Buy Yandex accounts to make them easy to use instantly. These Yandex accounts are valuable and you will get better service to use them. Buy Yandex accounts for perfect use at a low price. 

Buy Yandex PVA Accounts (Phone Verified Accounts)

Buy Yandex accounts that are verified by phone numbers. We are regularly creating Yandex PVA accounts by using unique IP,s. Real phone numbers we use to verify every Yandex account. Buy Yandex PVA Accounts at a low price with free client support. Also, it will perform for any purpose. So, you can buy Yandex accounts from us to get valuable profiles. New and Old Yandex PVA accounts have available in bulk quantity to provide instant delivery.

High-Quality Yandex Accounts for Sale

You can purchase high-quality Yandex accounts from us to use for any purpose. New and old are both categories of Yandex accounts that will have available for sale. All are verified and secure to use high activity. You will get several categories of Yandex account packages at a low price. You can select any of them and order now to get instant delivery. Buy Yandex accounts to make them easy to use instantly.

Buy New Yandex Accounts

Buy new Yandex accounts that are fully fresh. There have no unnecessary mail activities in the mail inbox. We create new Yandex accounts for sale. All new accounts are manually created, real, verified, and active for instant use. Buy bulk new Yandex accounts at an offering price from us. Also, we take orders for customized Yandex accounts with any specific requirements. So, contact us to get perfect Yandex accounts for your business.

Buy Old Yandex Accounts

Several categories of Yandex Accounts will get from us. Old Yandex is one of them that is perfect for instant marketing any business. Buy Old Yandex accounts are for sale at a low cost. You can try old Yandex accounts because these have a high demand to use for any purpose. To get real aged Yandex to buy from us. We always ensure high-quality accounts with a replacement guarantee. Buy Yandex accounts to make them easy to use instantly.

Buy Bulk Yandex Accounts for your Business

Bulk Yandex accounts are available for sale. You will get bulk Yandex at an instant delivery service from us. Order any quantity of Yandex accounts for your business. We are fully capable to deliver them as soon as possible. Also, bulk accounts packages are cost-effective compared with a single. New and Old categories of Yandex accounts will get bulk quantity from us. So, you can decide now to buy bulk Yandex Accounts for your business.

Cheap rate Yandex Accounts in Bulk with Free Support

Buy bulk Yandex accounts at a low price. Always try to buy more quantity accounts because it will be cost-effective for your business. Premium-quality Yandex accounts with free client support will get from us. Our several Yandex packages have available at offering prices. Also, have coupon discounts several times for our clients. For that, you can contact us to buy Yandex accounts with the best support at a low price. 

Why Choose Us to Buy Yandex Accounts?

INVENTIONPVA is the best source to buy Yandex accounts. We always ensure the best service with the most secure Yandex at a reasonable price. Buy Yandex accounts that we offer in our package with several categories. Verified and Real Yandex accounts with replacement guarantee. Also, these are active and lifetime useable. We take orders to create customized Yandex accounts with any specific requirements. So, you can choose us to get satisfactory service at a cheap price. To know more Call Us

FAQ,s to Buy Yandex Accounts

We are offering  guarantee you will be able to use all our without any issue. We recommend selecting an Yandex accounts package for your immediate needs. You may try buying a few different accounts to check which type is perfect for you.

Yes! You can order minimum 5 to maximum any amount of our PVA accounts. We offer special discounts on bulk orders! You can find coupons on our website, live chat, Keep an eye on our social media, and promotional emails. We are PVA account creators so we are able to provide any kind of custom accounts also pop3/SMTP enabled emails, cookies with PVA, and many more In these cases, you need to provide all of your requirements.

Yes, You can. Yandex use to promote your client’s services like marketing. As a marketer, you need a lot of Yandex accounts for your own services. Email marketing is safe and secure for your business.

You can offer us your usernames, gender, country, IP address, Phone numbers, Emails etc.

We are offering 7 days replacement warranty for any problem if you abide by the instructions of account use. After 7 days replacement time period, we will not liable for any loss or damage, or closure of accounts.

Yes! We are offering a money-back guaranty before successful delivery. Free of charge replacement will provide for all customers In case you having a problem with provided accounts. We always apologize for any inconvenience from our site and aim to deliver satisfactory best customer support.


INVENTIONPVA is the right place for those who want to buy high-quality Email and Social Media accounts. Also, have available bulk Google Voice, and TextNow accounts for sale. We are providing Email and Phone Verified secure Accounts with instant delivery service. As well as, we check every account manually to ensure its authenticity and quality. Client satisfaction is our first achievement.

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