How to use TextNow account with step by step Login process

Best guideline on how to use TextNow accounts. Login to your TextNow account at the following steps. You can use TextNow number on your computer or phone for your business

What is TextNow?

Most people need access to cell phone service in order to make calls and send texts. However, those who have a Text Now login account can use a computer or a smartphone to send and receive free texts and phone calls. This Text Now login service provides free internet calling and messaging. You only need a functioning account and a Wi-Fi connection. We’ll go over how to access your account and log into Text Now using any device in the sections below.

Why should Use TextNow accounts?

If you need a second phone number but don’t want to buy a new phone or SIM card, a TextNow number is a perfect option for you. Using their regular mobile phone number while using a TextNow number, customers can safely access new services, share their contact information with contacts, and conduct one-off discussions. 
TextNow numbers are particularly helpful for sales, job searching, and online dating. Because having a separate number allows users to keep their own contact information hidden, they are frequently utilized for privacy reasons.
A TextNow number can also be used to get through spam filters, set up a customer service line, and get automated texts. The TextNow number is a useful resource for businesses because it can serve as an online presence.With a range of audio and video call options, TextNow is a fantastic tool for staying in touch with family and friends.

How to TextNow Login Step-by-step Process

Login TextNow on Browser

  1. Open your web browser and go to Text Now’s official website at
  2. To access the Text Now login menu you can hover your cursor over the Login link that will be towards the top, right-hand side. You can also click on the button. This will open the Text Now login menu on a separate page.
  3. Enter either your username or email address into the first box of the login menu
  4. Enter the password for your Text Now account into the second box.
  5. Check the small box next to the words Remember Me if you want to remain signed in to your Text Now account on the device you are using. Do not do this if you are on a public computer.

How to Login TextNow with Facebook

  1. If your Text Now account is linked to your Facebook account, you can use your Facebook login information to access your TextNow account. Click the “Login with Facebook” button to begin the procedure
  2. Enter your Facebook email and password if you are not already logged in to Facebook
  3. Click “Continue”
  4. Click the light blue button that says “Login” to complete the Text Now login process

Benefits of a TextNow Account

If you’re looking for a platform to make free calls and send SMS, TextNow is a fantastic choice. TextNow accounts come with the following exceptional features:

With TextNow, users can converse verbally over Wi-Fi while making and receiving free calls from anywhere. This is accessible via WiFi and data connections. Any connected device, such as a laptop, desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, or mobile phone, can be used to access the TextNow app. Now, it provides phone service. Within the United States, both texting and calling are free.

For voice calls to any location, TextNow offers affordable international calling rates. It can also add international calling to a variety of nations. To substantiate your claim, you must provide specific bills. State-specific codes are available on TextNow. You can use TextNow numbers for your company, namely those from US states. It will be advantageous to be able to converse affordably with people all around the world.

TextNow’s Advantages for Small Businesses

Considering that TextNow doesn’t publicly disclose specific businesses. Regarding this service, no definitive response can be given. However, we can use TextNow to speak with our paying customers. Additionally, TextNow provides its services in Australia, the UK, and Canada. The most recent estimates place the number of mobile phone subscribers in the UK at 83 million, while Canada has around 37 million. As a result, using TextNow for communication will be a great idea. Additionally, it will increase your business’ marketing efforts.

TextNow subscription
TextNow users have the choice of moving their current phone number to the service or buying a dedicated phone number from the company, enabling them to make and receive calls as well as send and receive texts online. TextNow is a communication service that charges a monthly fee.
Users who join up receive free calling to the US and Canada, unlimited talk and text, free photo messaging, and more. Additional features offered by the service include caller ID, personalized voicemail, and call forwarding. TextNow supports both Android and iPhone cellphones, with choices starting at $13.99/month.

Real Text Number
TextNow does not show your real phone number by default. You can contact people by using TextNow’s both free and paid services without disclosing your real phone number to the public.
Any of the phone numbers used with TextNow are created; no real phone numbers are connected to them. You don’t have to be concerned about people finding out your real phone number if they contact you through the TextNow app or website because calls and messages you receive on TextNow are only available within the TextNow app.

Texting App Guidelines
It is hard to locate a texting application that is untraceable because all messaging services and their providers are required to preserve text message records for legal and other purposes. However, certain applications could provide a more secure level of anonymity than others.
The signal is one of the most secure messaging apps now on the market; it even makes it impossible to eavesdrop on conversations sent through it. A well-liked substitute that offers end-to-end encrypted “Secret Chats” is Telegram.

There are text-free numbers accessible
You can utilize text-free numbers, of course. However, the specific procedure and information offered will vary depending on the service provider you choose. With the help of the software and service provider Textfree, users can place calls and send messages using a personal phone number. Both iOS and Android devices are compatible.

Keeping Records with TextNow
In order to offer dependable and secure services, TextNow does indeed record and track user behavior. This includes every communication sent over the TextNow platform, as well as the history of calls, contacts, texts, voicemails, account activity, and any previous communication.
Additionally, TextNow stores user data such as name, email address, phone number, credit card information, and payment history as necessary. TextNow keeps these records in accordance with the terms and conditions data retention policy.

The best guidance for buying TextNow accounts

You must choose a specific county’s or state’s TextNow number for commercial communications. To access any services, you must buy real, verified accounts. CPAPVA only sells premium, email-verified, and entirely genuine TextNow Accounts. Multiple accounts can be ordered at a discounted price with rapid delivery.

More Question about TextNow Accounts

You will be able to use TextNow accounts without any issue. We recommend selecting a TextNow Account package for your immediate needs. You may try buying a few different accounts to check which type is perfect for you.

You can use multiple TextNow accounts for your business. You will get to buy TextNow bulk accounts from INVENTIONPVA that all are usefull to any purposes.

Yes, You can do that because TextNow is using to promote your client’s services like marketing. As a marketer, you need a lot of TextNow accounts for your own services. TextNow marketing is safe and secure for your business.


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